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16914 Dixon Trail
Faribault, MN 55021
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About Graise Farm

Tiffany Tripp and Andy Olson work together as a team to operate Graise Farm located in Faribault, MN Graise Farm where they raise a few hundred free-range ducks and chickens for eggs, and farrow-to-finish pasture raised pigs. They’re focused on allowing animals to live outdoors, in a natural environment, and offering real food options. GRAISE stands for Grassfed, Raised humanely, Animals, In a Sustainable Environment, an acronym that guides how they farm. Olson and Tripp started farming in 2015 out of a passion for good food and animals.

Their venture into duck farming started in 2016 with a little seed money from friends and out of a curiosity for duck eggs and ducks on the land. They started with 30 ducks the first year and today raise around 400 ducks per year, all for duck eggs.

Graise Farm ducks are fed certified organic grains and free-range the farmyard year-round. They’re guarded by one of four livestock guard dogs that live on the farm.  Duck eggs are collected daily. They’re washed, candled and packaged at the farm in on old dairy barn that they’ve converted into their “egg room”.

Graise Farm duck eggs are distributed throughout Minnesota through Co-op Partners Warehouse, a distributor focused on local, organic foods. They also deliver directly to a handful of customers, mostly around their hometown of Faribault. This year will be the first year that they partner with a vendor at the State Fair.

Graise Farm’s mission is to ensure all community members have access to healthy, local, flavorful food from compassionately raised animals.

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